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Ad Blocking Detector

Tired of missed opportunities because of pesky ad blocker browser extensions, add-ons, and plugins? Fight back with Ad Blocking Detector today!

plugin Ad Blocking Detector
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Version: 3.5.0

Tired of missed opportunities and empty spaces because of pesky ad blocking browser extensions, add-ons, and plugins? Would you like to determine which of your site visitors use ad blockers and do something about it? Then this highly rated plugin is for you!

Use the simple built-in tool to substitute alternative content in place of blocked ads. Or, hook into the ad block detection mechanism with CSS and JavaScript and customize your site any way you want!

Built-in Tool

This plugin includes a tool for specifying two alternative collections of content. One collection to display to visitors without ad blockers (such as an ad). The other to display to ad block wielding visitors (such as a message or image). Then, using the shortcode, sidebar widget, or other method, let Ad Blocking Detector intelligently determine which to display to the user. Check out the demo on the plugin’s website, or look at the screenshots for an example.

Use this power to, in place of a blocked ad, display a signup form for your email newsletter, a link and description to your eBook, a plea to your visitors, and much more. Don’t let ad blockers waste prime real estate on your site!

Hook In With JavaScript and CSS

If the built-in tool isn’t what you’re looking for, ignore it and use the ad block detection for your own purposes. With this plugin, you can easily modify the appearance of your site with CSS or execute JavaScript code based on the ad block detection results! The sky is the limit! For ideas and information on how to use this power, look at the following articles on the plugin’s website.
Combine CSS and Ad Blocking Detector
Combine JavaScript and Ad Blocking Detector

Detects all major ad blocking browser extensions on all major web browsers. Including AdBlock Plus and Ghostery!
Compatible with WordPress multisite networks!
Regular feature enhancements and additions!
Excellent support from the plugin developer.

Tags: Ad Blocker, ad blocking, adblock, adblock plus, adblocker, ads, advertisement, detector



Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+

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