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Ad Blocking Metrics

Mezzobit's plug-in sends real-time stats to publishers' analytics systems to correlate blocking with user behavior at the page- and ad-unit



Mezzobit has seen ad blocking rates of 5-15% among the 1,000+ publishing sites powered by our Audience Value Platform.

Maybe you know your blocking rate, too, but do you understand how that affects revenue?

A single number oversimplifies the problem — you really need to know how often your most valuable visitors block which ads on which pages.

Mezzobit can tell you — for free — using this plug-in. After activating it on our site, ad blocking metrics start flowing to your Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, or Piwik, providing real-time insight on a page and ad-unit level.

Using familiar analytics tools, you can correlate dozens of attributes such as referrer, geography, and platform. For example, blocking on premium direct-sold ad inventory or video has a bigger impact than when it occurs on low CPM network remnant buys. Are users who block have long sessions (time/pages) or high site return rates, or are most often "one and done" visitors? And how does acquisition method or referrer correlate with blocking, particularly with regard to paid channels?

Mezzobit also will send you a customized report on your audience’s behavior and how it compares to the industry.

For publishers looking to recover those lost impressions, we can then partner using Mezzobit’s platform to target and A/B test responses to specific users such as:Serve ads from alternate providers approved by major ad blockers. Use your own account to claim 100% of recovered revenue.
Change how editorial content is presented to reward visitors who support your business.
Present hard/soft intercepts to better communicate with your audience.
Dynamically target responses based on dozens of factors, such as user location, device type, and content type.
A/B test responses to see what works best.

Mezzobit technology does not interfere with ad blocker operation or end-run browser plug-ins with technical tricks that could result in repercussions. We respect the choices that consumers make and our tools simply permit publishers to engage their visitors to determine the proper value exchange.

We also have viewability optimization and data control tools that can be easily added to further enhance revenue. We also offer the Internet's most powerful free tag management system, which has a separate plug-in.

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Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.5
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: Less than 10

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