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A plugin to swap ads with other WordPress sites on the Web. Build your site's readers/sales the fast, easy (and inexpensive) way.

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Version: 1.0.3

There are squillions of WordPress sites out there (both blogs and business/eCommerce sites), that have way less traffic than they want.

Advertising is an almost guaranteed method of building any site's traffic. But paid advertising is too expensive for most blogs and small businesses. And the alternatives – like SEO, site makeover, and content expansion/improvement - can be expensive and time-consuming too.

Ad swapping (Ad Swapper), by contrast, is inexpensive and fast-acting. Better still, the number of additional visits/hits you get, depend only on the number of sites you ad swap with. Which you easily and continuously build up all the time.

Once the Ad Swapper plugin is installed, just select the sites your target readers/customers visit (from the "Sites You Want To Advertise On" list). Your request will automatically be transferred to the sites concerned. And once any such site has approved you, your ads will automatically start displaying there.

Then, since there are no doubt squillions more sites you could potentially advertise on (with more being added to the Net every day) – you can easily grow the number of sites you advertise on. By simply emailing or Contact Forming the sites your target readers/customers visit. After all, those sites almost certainly want to grow their readership/sales as much as you do. So ad swapping with each other (and everyone else,) will benefit you both (all).

Creating Ads

Creating Ad Swapper ads is easy and inexpensive. Ad Swapper ads are simply web compatable images (ie; GIFs, JPEGs and PNGs – including animated GIFs). So you can create them yourself (with Office tools like Word or Paint, for example). Or have designers do it – from sites like Fiverr ( – for as little as $5.


Ad Swapper ads are completely safe – since they're just GIF, JPEG and PNG files. So there's NO Flash or Javascript for hackers to attack you or your readers/customers with.


With Ad Swapper, there's no limit to the number of your ads that are displayed every day – or the number of different ads you can have. This makes it easy to aggressively promote your site. By trying different messages and presentations. And by advertising as many blog posts, pages, articles or products (etc), as you want.

Google Page Rank Improvement

Ad Swapper ad swapping creates two links back to your site (from every site advertising you). Which of course (see here), should improve your site's Google Page Rank.

So, by steadily building up the number of sites you're ad swapping with (especially the larger, well-established sites, with high Page Rank themselves), you not only create direct visits back to your site (from people clicking your ads), you also help improve your site's Page Rank (and thus generate even more hits, by moving your site closer to the top of Google Page 1).

So, ad swapping's a double-win site promotion strategy. The visits generated by your advertising make your site's possibly poor Google Page Rank irrelevant (many small sites will soon be generating more visits from Ad Swapper, than Google currently brings them). While the mere presence of your ads on other sites helps to improve your site's Google Page Rank (even if nobody clicks your ads - though that's extremely unlikely).

Free Trial Version

This version of the plugin – hosted at the WordPress Plugin Repository – is a free trial version. It has no limits, other than the number of other Ad Swapper websites you can advertise on. Which are limited to the following:-
Your own site, (main Ad Swapper site, for sales and support)
Fern Technology
Woo Daily Deals Demo
Mermaid Chapel (small blog site), and;
(Occasionally perhaps) one or two others.

However, this free trial version is fully functional (and is exactly the same plugin as used by paid subscribers. So you can fully evaluate all Ad Swapper's features (and even do some limited free advertising).

Paid Subscription

To advertise properly (on other Ad Swapper sites), you must take out a paid subscription. This is because Ad Swapper is a complex piece of someware (which allows every WordPress site on the planet to swap ads with every other WordPress site). So there's no way we can develop and support this – and provide the Ad Swapper Central site hosting (through which the ads are swapped) – for free.

The good news though, is that the yearly subscription fee – for one year's unlimited advertising – is just USD 29.99. So Ad Swapper may not be completely free – but it's still by far the cheapest (and most effective) method of getting additional readers/buyers to your site.

Once you've taken out the paid subscription, you carry on using this exact same "free trial version" Ad Swapper plugin (and any ads that you've already created). But the plugin will auto-detect your paid subscription, and give you instant access to all the other Ad Swapper sites.


Ad Swapper is supported from the main Ad Swapper site. And in particular, the Help/Support page – which provides:-
A support Ticketing system,
Contact Form,
FAQ pages,and;

We recommend that you place all support requests there.

More Info.

Ad Swapper is described in more detail at the main Ad Swapper site.

The FAQ and Screenshots pages (accessed from the tab bar above), also provide further information...

Please Review Ad Swapper

The more sites that use Ad Swapper, the faster your own site's readership / customer base will grow. So a five star review from you will go a long way towards making that happen.

Once you're up and running, please click the Review tab above. It only takes a minute - and will repay the time spent with lots more sites you can instantly select to start advertising on.

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Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.4
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 30+

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