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Add All Nav Links to BP Adminbar

Automatically include dropdowns of all Buddypress component and WordPress menus in the BP Adminbar.


Version: 2.1.2

Do you, or your users, find having 2 navigation elements a bit confusing? This plugin can aggregate all Buddypress components and WordPress pages/menus into the BP Adminbar.

It provides several user configuration options so you can customize your new admin/navbar to your heart's content. As of this version, you can also use this plugin just to theme your existing bp-adminbar without adding anything to it. See the FAQ for more.

When the "Add WordPress pages" or "Add Buddypress components" features are enabled, all BP component directory pages (Members, Groups, Forums, etc.) are collected in a Community dropdown, including any from added plugins like BP-Links or BP-Gallery. All WP pages appear in dropdowns that respect whatever page order you have set in your WP backend. Under WP3, they will reflect the page order you set when creating your custom menus. Child and grandchild pages appear in flyout subnavs.

The plugin code uses standard BP slugs, so if you've changed those (through bp-custom or wp-config or whatever other method), they should show as you've labeled them.

All CSS (position, colors, sizes, etc.) can be controlled through your WordPress dashboard under "Settings" > "BP-WP-Navbar" once installed. Make your life easier (and mine too) by using Firefox with the Firebug addon for this!

If you find this plugin useful or just fun to play with, please show your appreciation by making a small donation to help support addiction recovery at (donate button in the sidebar). You can view a live demo there too.

Tags: adminbar, buddypress, menu, navbar



Requires: WordPress 2.9.2 / BuddyPress 1.2.3 or higher
Compatible up to: WordPress 3.0.1 / BuddyPress 1.2.6
Last Updated: 6 years ago
Active Installs: 60+

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