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Author: Cezar Cernei
Tags: Front-End Development, CMS Design/Development, CRM Integration, Server Management, Branding, Identity Design, Programmable Voice SMS MMS, SEM/SEO, PPC, Lead Generation
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.I-am Name Cezar Cernei Job Title Senior WordPress Developer Web facebook cernei.cezar github @cerney E-Mail
.About Language(s) Romanian, Russian, English, French, German City Montreal Age 40
.About:before Content Prolific, full stack WordPress developer with a passion for metrics and functional design.
Prototyped and put to life ~900 websites every of the last 5 years.
Managed a team of ninja coders and designers to grow up company's revenue by 80% in sales.
Created 5 custom CRMs to accomodate inhouse needs and tons of scripts to improve productivity and work flow.
A guru wnen it comes to PHP and related siblings, master of WordPress theming an plugin customization.
Consistently received for the past 10 years high user experience scores for all web development projects, including websites, SaaS/DaaS, Voice Architectures etc.
Passionate about building world class web applications, obsessed when it comes to automated solutions and web.
His company's website received a 2017 nominee from for innovative Web User Experience.
.Work-experience .Current Dasweb Agency My-position Lead Developer, Founder Working since 2016 - 2023
.Work-experience .Current Trader My-position Senior WordPress Developer Working since 2019 - 2023
.Work-experience Integrate2cloud My-position Salesforce Consultant Working since 2018 - 2019
.Work-experience Pageside My-position Senior Web Developer Working since 2013 - 2018
.Skills .Coding PHP 95 % JavaScript, jQuery 85 %
.Skills .Design HTML5 & CSS 98 % Illustrator & Photoshop 90 %
.Skills .Cms-development WordPress & WP Plugins Dev 90 % Drupal, Joomla, Shopify 75 %
.Skills .Frameworks Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize 92 % Twilio 85 %
.Education-Information Formation selflearner
.Education-Information .First F.R.I.S.P.A. International Relations & Political Science Year-of-study 2001 - 2005 Department-of-education International Relations
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