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2BC Image Gallery

Add tags to images and group them into galleries, easily set options to display the lightbox galleries, or use the shortcode


Version: 2.0.1

The 2BC Image Gallery WordPress plugin is designed to add tags to images in the WordPress media library. Once the images are tagged and grouped into galleries, there are several options to display galleries throughout the site.

The default styling includes a lightbox to open the images in a modal window with a slideshow and back/next buttons. The gallery screens are loaded via AJAX, with a loading icon to let you know it's working. The display is designed to be responsive friendly, meaning it should work well with responsive themes on mobile devices. We intend to add more options around styling as we update the plugin.


The 2BC Image Gallery allows for tagging of photos (including automatic tagging of uploaded photos) with date appropriate tags. Custom tags can be added as well by editing an image and changing the Galleries section. After a few galleries have been created, it's very simple to display them on various pages. The gallery viewer has been designed with the following features:Lightbox gallery - All images open in a modal/lightbox view
Slideshow and Forward / Back buttons for easy browsing
AJAX driven - Galleries and images will appear without the page having to refresh, making for a quicker and smoother experience
Responsive - Ready for viewing on mobile phones or tablets in responsive themes
Lots of options - Use the settings page, or get technical with the shortcode or function call
More options to come - We already have some ideas to make this plugin even better, please visit to give suggestions or feedback, or use the WordPress support feature


The 2BC Image Gallery documentation page contains an explanation of all the settings, as well as available arguments via the shortcode and function calls. Any actions or filters that are included in the 2BC Image Gallery are also discussed here.


The 2BC Image Gallery demo page has been setup to show what the plugin will look like with different settings, as well as what is possible via the settings screen and the shortcode call.

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Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.9
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 60+

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