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6Scan Security provides comprehensive enterprise-grade security with frequent site scans, powerful firewall, automatic backup, web analytics and much

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Version: 3.0.6

6Scan Security is the most comprehensive auto-fix protection your WordPress site can get against hackers. Our security scanner goes beyond the simple rule-based protection of other WordPress security plugins, employing sophisticated algorithms to find and automatically fix security vulnerabilities. Our team of website security experts ensures your protection is always up-to-date.

Stop hackers before they damage your reputation, steal your data and affect your search ranking by signing up with 6Scan today.

Our automatic security scanner finds and protects against:SQL Injection
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Directory traversal
Remote file inclusion
Several DoS conditions
And many more, including all of the OWASP Top Ten security vulnerabilities.

Special Features and Benefits of 6Scan's top rated security suite of protection: * Automatic Vulnerability Fix: When vulnerable code is discovered, our Auto-Fix sever-side agent solution acts immediately to solve the security risk and mitigate the security problem. New hacker attack strategies, malware and vulnerabilities are constantly found and updated, keeping you always protected. * Automatic Malware Fix: The fix process immediately begins, reducing the risk to your site visitors, and your website being blacklisted on top search engines like Google. * One Click Installation: Confused about website security and what you need to protect yourself and your customers? 6Scan has made it easy to secure your site with our quick installation process. = * Web Application Firewall: Our security firewall is easily configurable so you can choose the level of security and protection you desire for your site and visitors to ensure that their web browsing and transactions are safe. * Brute-Force Protection: Protection against password hacking attempts and attacks, including IP-blocking for enhanced protection of your site and visitors. * Dual Scanning: 6Scan's patent pending Dual Scan approach detects active malware infections and vulnerabilities that could make your site a target for future attacks. This proactive free service works seamlessly in the background to maintain website security. * Notifications: Receive email or SMS messages with scan results to stay on top of vulnerabilities and malware attempts. If an issue is found, 6Scan can send a message with details on how the problem was fixed. * Security Badge: Adding our 6Scan protection security badge seal to your website can increase visitor confidence, clicks and conversion. Increase your sales today, get protected with 6Scan. * Blacklist Monitoring: 6Scan monitors top blacklists to ensure your site maintains a clean reputation so that customers can shop and browse with confidence. * Top Security Experts and Research: Our team of experienced security experts work around the clock to find undocumented vulnerabilities and exploits. The moment a vulnerability is discovered, our Dual Scan and Auto-Fix features update automatically to proactively protect 6Scan customers from emerging threats BEFORE any damage occurs. Feel confident in your site's protection with 6Scan.

Once 6Scan Security is installed, no further action is required to keep your site protected. 6Scan Security is also specifically engineered not to affect your site's performance or interfere with your site's legitimate users.

How does 6Scan differ from other WordPress security plugins? * Most of these other plugins are based on a ruleset which recognizes and blocks certain malware and phishing attacks. This is effective for some common attacks, but fails to detect or prevent modifications in logic which may allow penetration of your site. Get a blanket of website security protection around your site with 6Scan.

Upcoming Features now in Beta Version: * Suspicious Traffic Graphs: See a visualization over time of exactly how many hackers are attempting to exploit security vulnerabilities on your site and gain unauthorized access. For example, we will show you bots, automated hacking tools, security audit software, etc. - anything filtered by our WAF (Web Application Firewall) or by one of the security vulnerabilities you have fixed. You can also see how much of your traffic is not malicious. * Secure Login: A plethora of options you can use to protect against login attacks (such as dictionary and brute force attacks). Lock would-be attackers out after a number of unsuccessful login attempts, receive email notifications when someone is trying to hack your site, and much more! * Automatic Secured Backup: 6Scan can back up your entire site and database. If anything should ever go wrong - whether it's a security problem or just a mistake you made - you can easily download a backup and undo the change. You don't even need an antivirus or antimalware product! Backups are encrypted on-the-fly and stored on our secure servers so nobody can access them but you.

Let 6Scan handle the security of your WordPress site, so you can worry about what really matters to you - your content. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at

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Requires: 3.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.12
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+

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