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The ultimate Upload entry plugin for WordPress based websites!


Version: 2


The 7uploads WordPress Plugin adds an Upload Entry functionality for your users to your WordPress blog! After you activated this plugin a new page called "Upload Eintragen" will be created with some Standard Fields where your users can enter things like the title of their upload, the language and so on.

The Plugin automatically encrypts the links given by the user with either or

YOU! can choose if they are able to decide which one to use or not ;) You can define if they can enter their exchange id or not... YOU! can decide that only .dlc and .ccf or only .rsdf containers should be created with the encryption. YOU! can style the final look of the posts created by the user! YOU! can define your own fields (why not add a field for the meaning of the user?!) YOU! can choose wheter the posts should be published immediately, be saved as drafts or pending for review!

All these things you can configure with the brand new 7uploads Administration Panel within WordPress! There is no need to edit the php file anymore!

Tags: crypt, entries, links,, save, uploads



Requires: 2.* or higher
Compatible up to: 2.7
Last Updated: 8 years ago
Active Installs: Less than 10

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