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A Very Simple Captcha

This Plugin provides very simple and powerful captcha for your blog with wide variety of captcha methods and models.

plugin A Very Simple Captcha
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Version: 3

This Plugin provides very simple and powerful captcha for your blog with wide variety of logical methods and models. By displaying different logical captcha with random manner may provide high level of security.

User can select wide variety of different logical captcha methods like
Biggest Number
Smallest Number
Increasing Order
Decreasing Order
Subtraction of Two Numbers
Addition of Two Numbers
Alphabets [Case Sensitive]
Pick the Position of the Character
Combo Box
Characters to Numbers Or you can make random by using "Random" option to make any of the one above logics with each time page loads.

User can change the captcha background and font color which is suitable for their theme

Random font styles and different image backgrounds for captcha.

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Added Wide variety of new captcha models

Support 3.9.1 version

Updated to 3.8.1

Spanish Language Added - Thanks to Andrew Kurtis

Font updated
Security added

Selecting Am Not Spammer using check box
Removed Random selection and security key from admin dashboard

Now user can choose random option to display all logical captcha in random manner

v 1.4
Random Alphabets, font style added

v 1.3
Added Random Captcha background images

v 1.2
Added New to show biggest or smallest number

v 1.1
Added New Combo Box to verify Human or Bot

v 1.0

Public release

User can able to add the captcha in post or page comment

User can able to select the captcha models like displaying in increasing, decreasing or random order

No captcha in admin dashboard comment reply

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Tags: antispam, captcha, comment captcha, comment security, random captcha, secure captcha, text captcha



Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.9
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 500+

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