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VainCode Animate Scroll WordPress

This plugin will add a scroll to top button with different Animation and speed.

plugin VainCode Animate Scroll WordPress
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VainCode Animate Scroll To Top is a Scroll Plugin for WordPress. This Plugin will be enable to user back to top of website with a nice scroll animation.

You can Select Scroll Animation Style, Change Scroll Text, background color, Scroll position etc by using the option of this plugin. In this documentation, we'll cover enough areas of the option panel for you to control the plugin effectively

Scroll Section
Enter The name of section for scroll. you can set any section of your webpage, just put the section class or id name here. (E.G: #main or .wraper) . by default it set as body section for scroll.
Display Text
Enter A Text Which one is display when user scroll Down
Animation Speed
Enter A Value For Scroll Animation, by Default its 2000
Scroll Icon
Select an icon for scroll bar which will be display top of the scroll text
Scroll Icon Size
Select Scroll Icon Size to Display, here is 5 different size, 1x is smallest and 5x is the biggest size.

6.Animation Style
Here is a list of Scroll Animation. 5 Different type Animation are available you can Select Scroll Animaion Style from this option

7.Scroll Position
This option for change the position of scroll. by default its position is Bottom Right. You can change the position to Bottom Left from here.

8.Scroll Background Color
This option for change scroll background color change, you can set any Color from here.

9.Scroll Font Color
You can change scroll text color from here. any type of color can be select from this option for scroll text.

10.Custom CSS

This option for custom css. if you want to add some additional CSS code just put here. The ID #aam-scroll-div .you can set your customize css value in this id which will be set on the scroll.
After all change Click on The Save Changes for save your setting.

Here is Live Demo:

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Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.15
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 200+

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