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NO SSL Flash Upload

Turns off SSL for the Flash uploader when you have FORCE_SSL_ADMIN enabled, in case you are having trouble getting it to work ("IO Error").


Version: 1.0.8

Note: WordPress 3.3 offers a new, non-Flash uploader; this plugin may break it.

If you are using SSL (https) to secure your WordPress admin sessions and you have an SSL certificate that is not trusted by default (because it is self- signed, signed by an untrusted certificate authority, signed for a different domain name, etc.), then you probably have problems using the Flash uploader.

This plugin disables SSL usage by the Flash uploader. This allows you to use the Flash uploader when you have FORCE_SSL_ADMIN enabled, with an untrusted SSL certificate. This works around the vague "IO Error" you get from the Flash uploader in such a situation.

Note that this plugin comes with the following security implications:Flash uploads no longer use SSL, thus, your uploaded files aren't encrypted during transmission.
Uploading files with the Flash uploader will transmit your WordPress authentication cookie in plain text.
If someone captures your login cookie (which is transmitted any time you load a page on your WordPress site while logged in, whether you are using SSL or not), they may be able to use it to upload files, view information about uploaded files, or change information about uploaded files.

If the benefit of having the Flash uploader available outweighs these potential security risks for you, then you can use this plugin to enable the Flash uploader.

Note that this plugin override's WordPress's auth_redirect and wp_validate_auth_cookie functions, and may not work if you are using other plugins that override these functions.

Tags: flash, ssl, upload



Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.2.1
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 20+

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