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Access Watch: Traffic Analysis and Security

Access Watch let you precisely understand what is happening on your website and let you take actions to improve performance, security and reliability.

plugin Access Watch: Traffic Analysis and Security
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Version: 0.4.17

Once activated, the Access Watch plugin will log requests to the Access Watch cloud service. Using innovative technologies, this data will be deeply analyzed and sent back to you in a beautiful interface.

Access Watch is hyper efficient at detecting and blocking:brute force attacks
comment spam & trackback spam
suspicious xml-rpc requests (spam, attacks)
referer spam (also known as referral/referrer spam)

The interface is currently made of the following screens.


Access Watch is featuring metrics rarely seen elsewhere, such as:requests per second
proportion between humans and robots
proportion between bad and good agents


Access Watch let you visualize the top agents in an innovative "treemap like" interface.

Easy to read, the more requests an agent is doing the bigger it is on the map. This visualization let you spot really easily which agents do the most requests on your website and which one it could be beneficial to block.


Access Watch let you know each time something interesting is happening on your website. From the Events screen, you will be able to:approve or block new verified robots
block suspicious agents performing spam or brute force attacks
see the abuse attempts blocked as they're going


Access Watch is exposing in real time all the requests incoming to your website.

Remind you something? It's the kind of data that seasoned website administrators use to troubleshoot websites. The difference here? The data is augmented by our service and instead of being cryptic black & white, it's clear and colorful.

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Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6
Last Updated: 4 hours ago
Active Installs: 80+

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