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Accounting - WP Business theme for Accountants

plugin Accounting - WP Business theme for Accountants
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Accounting - WP Business theme for Accountants


The all new Accounting theme is an WordPress business theme. Perfectly suited for your Accounting, business, consulting or financial company. Bring your clients closer to you! With Visual composer, revolution slider, multi-language ready and advanced admin panel it can be used for any kind of business but and with excellent support you cannot go wrong. Building your themes will be a breeze, give it a go!

This site layout allows you to even further customize your site, by allowing you to add an image, pattern or solid color as the site background.
Accounting is fully responsive. It will look good on various devices through all the major operating systems. And we added some additional features to control responsiveness.
We added additional options, with which you can control page per page settings. This allows you to have full freedom when building your site.
We are specially proud off our importer. In Accounting WordPress Theme you are basically one click away to fully functional demo with all the sliders and widgets, no additional imports required. Choose among 6 unique demos.
We included the best e-commerce platform for WordPress. Now you can start selling your products with ease. Get your products online with Accounting now!
With a huge color option pallet, you can now customize your theme to the full extent. Customize every aspect of your theme with the scheme you need and you client wish.
We included the #1 slider on the market. Animate your slider as you see fit and add as many slides or slider and place them were ever you wish on your site.
We also included the #1 page builder Visual Composer, which will make your work, coding free and a breeze to build.
If you are not comfortable with our theme options, you can use the WordPress customizer instead.
We have added RTL specific stylesheets, that add support for right to left languages(Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).
WHAT YOU GET:Visual Composer
Revolution slider
Unlimited sidebars
Unlimited colors
Easy one click update
WooCommerce support
Advanced admin panel
Contact Form 7
Translation ready
Loco Translate localization compatible
Fullwidth and boxed layouts
4 predefined color schemes
100% Responsive
RTL supported
Font Awesome icons integrated
Extended documentation
3 blog types
Video tutorials
And much more!

Changelog:Update: 25.07.2016 – v3.0.9

Changes:- added: compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.3
- fixed: mobile form issue

Files:- js/functions.js
- style.css
- css/accounting.css
- woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php
- woocommerce/single-product/product-thumbnails.php

Update: 09.07.2016 – v3.0.8

- updated: TGM and plugins
- fixed: Javascript error

Update: 06.07.2016 – v3.0.7

- fixed: menu issues

Update: 28.06.2016 – v3.0.6

Changes:- added: Google Maps API key option in Theme Options
- updated: Gmap3.js

Files:- style.css
- anps-framework/admin_view.php
- anps-framework/css/admin-style.css
- anps-framework/google_maps_view.php
- functions.php
- js/functions.js
- js/gmap3.min.js

Update: 22.06.2016 – v3.0.5

Changes:- added: product per page option
- added: product per row option
- added: compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.1
- fixed: tabs & accordions issue with Visual Composer 1.2


Update: 16.06.2016 – v3.0.4

Changes:- compatibility: WooCommerce 2.6.0 support added
- fixed: social widget issue
- fixed: logo height/width option issue

Files:functions.php style.css
css/core.css woocommerce (entire folder)
woocommerce-legacy (entire folder)

Update: 06.06.2016 – v3.0.3

- fixed: child theme issues

Update: 06.06.2016 – v3.0.2

- fixed: array declaration, to support older PHP versions

Update: 03.06.2016 – v3.0.1

Changes:- fixed: logo sizing issue
- fixed: header styling issues
- fixed: header options issue

Files:- style.css
- css/core.css
- anps-framework/helpers.php

Update: 02.06.2016 – v3.0.0


Changes:- new header types
- new tabs & accordion styles
- new footer styles
- live Customizer support
- Theme Options re-design
- additional Theme Options
- new logos element style
- new testimonials element style
- new demos available for importing
- new timeline shortcode added
- new testimonials widget
- and tons of other new features...

Change files:Almost all of them. Please update the entire theme.

Update: 15.04.2016 – v2.5.1

Changes:- fixed: Javascript issue (caused by the WordPress 4.5 update)
- fixed: issue with Visual Composer parallax
- updated: FontAwesome

Changed files:404.php

Update: 08.04.2016 – v2.5.0

Changes:- added: WooCommerce support
- fixed: small PHP issues

Files:M: helpers.php
M: anps-framework/install_plugins.php
M: anps-framework/options_page_setup_view.php
M: anps-framework/sidebar_generator.php
M: anps-framework/widgets/AnpsRecentProjects.php
M: anps-framework/woocommerce/*
M: woocommerce/*
M: anps-framework/css/core.css
M: functions.php
M: style.css

Update: 29.03.2016 – v2.1.0

- compatibility: for Visual Composer 4.11
- updated: Revolution Slider

Update: 12.01.2016 – v2.0.9

- fixed: media upload issue

Update: 18.12.2015 – v2.0.8

Changes:- fixed: comment issue with WordPress 4.4
- fixed: issue with Isotope filtering
- fixed: portfolio images issues

Files:- style.css
- functions.php
- style/functions.js
- anps-framework/shortcodes.php

Update: 15.12.2015 – v2.0.7

Changes:- compatibility: with WordPress 4.4
- compatibility: with Visual Composer 4.9
- fixed: sidebar isssue

Files:- style.css
- functions.php
- js/functions.js
- anps-framework/helpers.php
- anps-framework/sidebar_generator.php
- anps-framework/shortcodes.php
- anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.php

Update 04.12.2015 – v 2.0.6

- fixed: Revolution Slider spacing issue
- fixed: 404 container issue
- fixed: translation issue


Update 30.10.2015 – v 2.0.5

- fixed: rtl issues
- fixed: menu fixes
- fixed: fixed theme issue
- fixed: tablet menu issue
- fixed: social icons issue
- added: post meta option

Files:M style.css
M functions.php
M rtl.css
M js/functions.js
M js/doubletaptogo.js
M content-single-blog.php
M content.php
M content-columns.php
M content-blog-masonry.php
M content-blog-grid.php
M anps-framework/helpers.php

Update 13.10.2015 – v 2.0.4

- fixed: Google Maps Javascript issue

Files:M js/functions.js
M functions.php
A js/maps.js
M style.css

Update 9.10.2015 – v 2.0.3

- fixed: Google Maps issue
- fixed: small styling issue

Files:M css/core.css
M style.css
M js/functions.js

Update 05.10.2015 – v 2.0.2

- fixed: the notice issues
- updated: Visual Composer, so all of our users can update it (Visual Composer security issue)

Update 29.9.2015 – v 2.0.1

- improved: attachment.php styling
- fixed: logos/clients element styling issue
- fixed: social icons widget issues
- fixed: sticky menu mobile issue
- fixed: single blog sidebar issue
- updated: translation file
- added: option to input coordinate instead of address for Google Maps Files

Files:M js/theme.js
M css/core.css
M style.css
M content-single-blog.php
R languges/embedchess-xx_XX.pot
R languges/
R languges/en_US.po
M: js/functions.js
M: anps-framework/js/wp_backend.js
M: anps-framework/widgets/AnpsSocial.php
M: anps-framework/widgets/AnpsDownload.php
M: anps-framework/widgets/AnpsText.php
M: anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.php
M: anps-framework/shortcodes.php
M: anps-framework/helpers.php
M: attachment.php

Update: 16.9.2015 – v2.0.0

- added editor to custom CSS
- added Page Sidebars and Post Sidebars options
- fixed minor bugs
- fixed Google Maps issue
- optimized changed the custom CSS loading

Modified files:
M single.php
M functions.php
M templates/template-legacy-page.php
M templates/template-page.php
M js/functions.js
M anps-framework/helpers.php
M anps-framework/sidebar_generator.php
M anps-framework/options_page_view.php
M anps-framework/custom_css_view.php
A anps-framework/js/mode-css.js
A anps-framework/js/worker-css.js
R inludes/custom-button-styles.php
R includes/custom-styles.php

Update: 2.9.2015 – v1.1.3

Added support for Visual Composer version 4.7


M style.css
M anps-framework/widgets/
M anps-framework/js/select2.min.js
M anps-framework/js/wp_backend.js
M anps-framework/css/wp-backend.css

Update: 19.8.2015 – v1.1.2

Small wordpress 4.3 compatibility bug fix

Modified files:
M style.css
M anps-framework/widgets/AnpsRecentProjects.php
M anps-framework/js/wp-backend.js

Update: 18.8.2015 – v1.1.1

- improved font awesome widget select
- logo upload fixed

Modified files

M style.css
M css/core.css
M functions.php
M /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsText.php
M /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsDownload.php
M /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsSocial.php
A /anps-framework/js/select2.min.js
M /anps-framework/css/wp-backend.css
M /anps-framework/css/admin-stzle.css
M /anps-framework/js/wp-backend.js
M /includes/custom-styles.php
M /includes/custom-button-styles.php
M /anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.php

Update: 20.7.2015 – v1.1.0.

Existing customers, please read: This is a major update, upgrading the theme might result in different display of your content. We improved the way the theme displays Visual Composer’s content. So the theme got faster and better. However we couldn’t do this without modifying the way it is rendered. In practice this means, that if you want to get the most out of our theme, you will need to adjust visual composer rows and paddings. For everyone who isn’t willing to go through this, we added the “LEGACY MODE” option at the bottom of “Theme options” -> “Page setup” settings. By check marking it, the old system will be turned on and no row adjustments will be necessary. Before upgrading we suggest creating a backup, just in case.

Change log:
Improved theme structure
Improved performance and loading speed
Added vertical menu option
added: new tabs shortcode
added: new accordion shortcode
added: gallery shortcode
added: carousel images shortcode
added: Google fonts subsets (latin extended, cyrillic,...)

updated: bootstrap version
updated: font-awesome icons
updated: 100% latest Visual Composer support

Files:M: page.php
M: footer.php
M: functions.php
M: header.php
M: /anps-framework/helpers.php
M: /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsDownload.php
M: /anps-framework/shortcodes.php
M: /anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.php
M /anps-framework/option_page_setup_view.php
M: /anps-framework/classes/Options.php
M: /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsText.php
M: /anps-framework/widgets/AnpsSocial.php
M: /anps-framework/classes/Framework.php
M: /anps-framework/style_view.php
M: /anps-framework/classes/adminBar.php
M: /includes/custom-styles.php

A: /anps-framework/classes/gfonts_ajax.php
A: /vc_templates/vc_tta_global.php
A: /templates

M: /css/core.css
M: /css/accounting.css
M: /css/rtl.css
M: /css/wordpress.css
M: /anps-framework/css/admin-style.css
M: /js/functions.js
A: js/bootstrap/
A: js/owl/
A: /anps-framework/js/font_subsets.js

Update: 16.6.2015 – v1.0.1

- Updated prettyPhoto to version 3.1.6

Modified files

M style.css
M js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js

1.0.0 – initial release

Credits:Images used in this theme are not included! Shuterstock
jQuery Parallax



Last Update25 July 16
Created16 May 15
High ResolutionNo
Widget ReadyYes
Compatible BrowsersIE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Compatible WithWPML, WooCommerce 2.6.x, WooCommerce 2.5, Visual Composer 4.11.x, Visual Composer 4.11.2.


Included: Quality checked by Envato
Included: Future updates
Included: 6 months support from Anps
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