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Altair Admin Material Design UIkit Template

plugin Altair Admin Material Design UIkit Template
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Altair Admin Material Design UIkit Template


Altair is a professional HTML5/CSS3 Material Design template based on UIkit Framework and jQuery Library. This template has been built with Bower (package manager), Gulp (streaming build tool) and Handlebars.js (templating system).

v2.8.0 (17.08.2016)
[new] Image Cropper plugin
[update] ColVis and TableTools replaced by Buttons
[update] added CTA Button to Landing Page (in Header)
[update][RTL] fixed "Align Character Widget" table
[update] added indicator for month/year (datepicker)
[update] added border to javascript buttons
[update] selectize validation
[update] autosize (3.0.17)
[update] c3js-chart (0.4.11)
[update] chartist (0.9.8)
[update] ckeditor (4.5.10)
[update] clndr (1.4.5)
[update] codemirror (5.17.0)
[update] countUp.js (1.7.1)
[update] datatables (1.10.12)
[update] fullcalendar (2.9.0)
[update] jquery-mapael (2.0.0)
[update] jquery-ui (1.12.0)
[update] jquery.dotdotdot (1.8.3)
[update] jquery.inputmask (3.3.1)
[update] kendo-ui (2016.2.727)
[update] moment (2.14.1)
[update] raphael (2.2.1)
[update] tinymce (4.4.1)
[update] uikit (2.26.4)
[bug] added missing KendoUI assets (black theme, images etc.)
[bug] double header themes
[bug] IE9 compatibility (SVG)
[bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

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Features List
Material Design
Based on UIkit
Easily customizable (less files)
Responsive layout
High Resolution
Custom pages: Invoices, User Profile, User Edit, Mailbox and more
Custom components Accordions
Dynamic Grid

Integrated KendoUI components
Integrated charting libraries: c3.js and MetricsGraphics.js
Integrated plugins: Datatbles, Full Calendar, Maplace (Google Maps), Mapael (Vector Maps) and more
Integrated form components: Sliders
Advanced select
Masked inputs
Html Editor
File uploader

Your Voice

I’m open to any suggestions regarding Altair Material Design Premium Template, if you have an idea/suggestion/request please let me know. I’ll try to add it to Altair. Thanks.

// v2.7.0 (28.06.2016)
[new] Tour plugin
[new] Filemanager plugin (standalone and integrated with WYSIWYG editors)
[new] Slider component
[new] Dark theme
[new] Slim Menu
[new] Dynamic form fields
[new] Fullscreen card in modal
[update] Scrum Board dropdowns
[update][app] Autocomplete component
[update] Whole Card can be clicked to trigger fullscreen
[update][app] Search Bar always visible
[update] Table Examples checkboxes
[update] FAB speed dial horizontal
[update][html] Card progress colors depending on percentage
[update] New Modal triggered from other modal example
[update] Javascript Buttons (checkboxes/radio)
[update] Sidebars close button
[update] Removed uikit 'data-uk-observe' (not needed anymore)
[update][app] rootScope $destroy removed from app.js (moved to controllers)
[update] Updated NPM modules to latest versions (./package.json)
[bug][RTL] Small timeline
[bug] wizard validation
[bug] TinyMCE missing icons
[bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.6.0 (16.05.2016)
[new] Landing Page
[bug] IE9 compatibility
[bug] custom scrollbar position when mini sidebar is active

// v2.5.1 (27.04.2016)
[new] textual links in navbar (.navbar_link)
[bug] wizard page not working (AngularJS version)
[bug] selectize z-index issue (AngularJS version)
[bug] buttons (RTL version)
[bug] gulp serve task (RTL version)
[bug] CRUD table dialog (RTL version)
[bug] missing uikit in login and error pages (AngularJS version)
[bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.5.0 (16.04.2016)
[new] Search Page (pages/search_results)
[new] Session Timeout Plugin (plugins/idle_timeout)
[new] Autocomplete Plugin
[new] Tablesorter widgets (plugins/tablesorter)
[new] Switcher Component (components/switcher)
[new] Mailbox action buttons (mailbox)
[new] Fancytree Plugin (replaced tree plugin; plugins/tree)
[new] Added header/footer to Invoices (invoices)
[new] Fixed width for inputs (forms/regular)
[new] Collapsed card on page load (components/panels)
[new] Gulp build task
[update] Rebuilded gulp tasks (./gulp-tasks)
[update] Top menu mobile friendly (layout/top_menu)
[update] Datepicker in modal (no need to use extra class anymore)
[update] Material Design Icons (2.2.0)
[update] Updated NPM modules to latest versions (./package.json)
[update] Separated Themes (assets/css/themes/)
[update] angular (1.5.3)
[update] angular-breadcrumb (0.4.1)
[update] angular-cookies (1.5.3)
[update] angular-datatables (0.5.4)
[update] angular-dragula (1.2.6)
[update] angular-resource (1.5.3)
[update] angular-sanitize (1.5.3)
[update] angular-ui-router (0.2.18)
[update] autosize (3.0.15)
[update] c3-angular (1.2.0)
[update] chartist (0.9.7)
[update] ckeditor (4.5.8)
[update] clndr (1.4.1)
[update] codemirror (5.13.4)
[update] countUp.js (1.7.0)
[update] d3 (3.5.16)
[update] datatables (1.10.11)
[update] fullcalendar (2.6.1)
[update] jquery (2.2.3)
[update] jquery.actual (1.0.18)
[update] jquery.dotdotdot (1.8.1)
[update] jquery.fancytree (2.17.0)
[update] jquery.inputmask (3.3.0)
[update] jsdiff (2.2.2)
[update] kendo-ui (2016.1.406)
[update] maplace-js (0.2.7)
[update] matchMedia (0.3.0)
[update] metrics-graphics (2.9.0)
[update] moment (2.12.0)
[update] ng-idle (1.2.0)
[update] ngmap (1.17.3)
[update] parsleyjs (2.3.7)
[update] tablesorter (2.25.0)
[update] tinymce (4.3.8)
[update] uikit (2.26.2)
[update] velocity (1.2.3)
[bugs] angularjs version performance issues
[bugs] Tooltips in modal
[bugs] Sidebar tooltips (mini sidebar)
[bugs] Metrics Graphics tooltips (plugins/charts)
[bugs] fixed issue with '_md_precompiled_colors.less' when compiling less to css
[bugs] close FAB speed dial when small FAB is clicked
[bugs] jumping top menu
[bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.4.0 (12.02.2016)
[new] RTL version
[new] Breadcrumbs
[new] Footer
[new] Progress bar in cards
[new] Inline text editor
[new] Social media buttons
[new] Fullscreen cards fixed header
[new] Selectize tooltip
[update] No-autosize textareas
[bugs] File input mobile view
[bugs] [app] Titles in wizard
[bugs] [app] Gant chart show/hide
[bugs] Chartist update on sidebar close
[bugs] Issues when printing invoices
[bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.3.0 (08.01.2016)
[new] Tree plugin (easyTree)
[new] Slideshow plugin
[new] File input plugin (dropify)
[new] 2 new themes
[new] Main menu accordion mode
[new] Main menu submenu
[new] Wave effect for buttons
[updated] Material Design Icons
[updated][app] CountUp new options
[updated][app] Fixed issues with
[updated][app] added 'momentDate' filter
[updated] Fixed issues with Datepicker position
[updated] Fixed issues with form elements in card-fullscreen
[updated] Fixed issues with modal (boxed layout)
[updated] Updated select element styles
[updated][bower] chartist (0.9.5)
[updated][bower] ckeditor (4.5.6)
[updated][bower] codemirror (5.10.0)
[updated][bower] d3 (3.5.12)
[updated][bower] datatables (1.10.10)
[updated][bower] dragula.js (3.6.2)
[updated][bower] fullcalendar (2.5.0)
[updated][bower] hammerjs (2.0.6)
[updated][bower] jquery.inputmask (3.2.5)
[updated][bower] jquery.scrollbar (0.2.10)
[updated][bower] kendo-ui (2015.3.1214)
[updated][bower] uikit (2.24.3)
[updated][bower] screenfull (3.0.0)
[updated][bower] tinymce (4.3.2)
[updated][bower] jsdiff (2.2.1)
[updated][bower] maplace.js (0.2.5)
[updated][bower] angular-animate (1.4.8)
[updated][bower] angular-datatables (0.5.2)
[updated][bower] angular-dragula (1.1.9)
[updated][bower] angular-metrics-graphics (0.1.2)
[updated][bower] angular-resource (1.4.8)
[updated][bower] angular-sanitize (1.4.8)
[updated][bower] angular-wizard (0.6.1)
[updated][bower] ngmap (1.16.3)
[updated][bower] oclazyload (1.0.9)
[bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.2.0 (13.11.2015)
[new] Issues List/Details page
[new] CRUD Table
[updated] Sidebar Chat
[updated] Top Menu Layout
[updated] Cards Example
[updated] Dropdowns example
[updated] Added "_" prefix to LESS files
[updated] Added lightbox components from uikit
[updated][APP] Page preloader
[updated][bower] angular-dragula (1.1.6)
[updated][bower] angular-utils-pagination (0.9.2)
[updated][bower] autosize (3.0.14)
[updated][bower] clndr (1.3.14)
[updated][bower] codemirror (5.8.0)
[updated][bower] countUP.js (1.6.0)
[updated][bower] dragula.js (3.5.4)
[updated][bower] dragula.js (3.5.4)
[updated][bower] jsdiff (2.2.0)
[updated][bower] kendo-ui (2015.3.1111)
[removed][bower] magnific-popup
[updated][bower] metrics-graphics (2.7.0)
[updated][bower] ngmap (1.14.9)
[updated][bower] tablesorter (2.23.5)
[updated][bower] uikit (2.23.0)
[bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.1.0 (21.10.2015)
[new] Blog List page
[new] Blog Article page
[new] Gallery page
[new] Pricing Tables page
[new] FAB Buttons page (transitions)
[new] Collapsible Panels page
[new] tinyMCE plugin
[new] jsdiff plugin
[new] Fullscreen plugin
[new] Full Header layout
[new] Boxed layout
[new] Top menu
[new] Color bars for cards
[new] Right side icons on lists
[updated][HTML] Dragula.js (3.5.2)
[updated][APP] angualar-dragula(1.1.3)
[updated] Added small tooltip
[updated] Added warning color to FAB
[updated] Added tooltips to FAB
[updated] Added option to reinitailize selects (wizard example)
[bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.0.0 (29.09.2015)
[new] AngularJS version
[new] Long text in tooltips
[updated] autosize (3.0.12)
[updated] ckeditor (4.5.3)
[updated] clndr (1.2.16)
[updated] codemirror (5.7.0)
[updated] datatables (1.10.9)
[updated] handlebars (4.0.3)
[updated] handlebars (4.0.3)
[updated] ion.rangeslider (2.1.1)
[updated] jquery-mapael (1.1.0)
[updated] jquery.actual (1.0.17)
[updated] jquery.inputmask (3.2.0)
[updated] kendo-ui (2015.2.902)
[updated] tablesorter (2.23.4)
[updated] uikit (2.22.0)
[updated] waypoints (4.0.0)
[updated] weather-icons (2.0.10)
[bugs] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.3.0 (18.08.2015)
[new] WYSIWYG Editor (forms_wysiwyg.html)
[new] Tablesorter plugin (plugins_tablesorter.html)
[new] Sortable plugin Dragula.js (components_sortable.html,page_scrum_board.html)
[new] Tables Examples (components_tables_examples.html)
[new] Tabable secondary sidebar (index.html)
[updated] Changed kendoUI concentated js name (kendoui_custom.js;kendoui_custom.min.js)
[updated] Added example with multiline tolltip (components_tooltips.html)
[updated] chartist (0.9.4)
[updated] datatables (1.10.8)
[updated] fullcalendar (2.4.0)
[updated] kendo-ui-core (2015.2.805+SP1)
[updated] marked (0.3.5)
[updated] parsleyjs (2.1.3)
[updated] weather-icons (2.0.1)
[bug] Fixed hierarhical animation when there is only one element
[bug] Fixed nestable handle component
[bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.2.0 (08.08.2015)
[new] code editor with file editing (php) (page_code_editor.html)
[new] chartist chart (plugins_charts.html)
[new] style switcher with predefined themes
[new] top menu
[new] mini sidebar
[new] material design colors (components_colors.html)
[new] typography example page (components_typography.php)
[updated] main sidebar visual changes (material design)
[updated] main scrollable area changed from #page_content to html (fixed some issues with mobile devices and plugins)
[bug] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.1.0 (28.07.2015)
[new] chat page (page_chat.html)
[new] scrum board page (page_scrum_board.html)
[new] todo page (page_todo.html)
[new] form wizard (forms_wizard.html)
[new] register form (login.html)
[new] 'swipe to open' gesture added (main sidebar, touch devices, 2 fingers, left edge)
[bug] fixed issue with custom scrollbars on mac os x [firefox]
[bug] fixed focus error/success state for text inputs (focus) (forms_validation.html)
[bug] added missing kendoUI images (kendoui_*.html)
[new] added alert info style (components_common.html)
[updated] moment (2.10.6)
[updated] kendo-ui-core (2015.2.727)
[updated] jquery.scrollbar (0.2.8)
[updated] jquery.dotdotdot (1.7.4)
[updated] ionrangeslider (2.0.12)
[updated] clndr (1.2.15)
[updated] FAB button animation when showing options (components_buttons.html)
[updated] gulp tasks (cleanup and minor changes)
[updateed] Minor improvements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.0.0 (24.07.2015)
Initial Release

UIkit Framework –
jQuery –
jQuery Plugins – listed here
Google Fonts (Roboto,Source Code Pro) –
Google Material Design Icons –
Flags Icons –
* Avatars:
* Ecommerce images (Samsung Galaxy S6):

Other Info
Avatars and Ecommerce images are not included in Altair package



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